ISA students learn in an environment where recognised educational practices from around the world provide a creative, stimulating and enjoyable learning atmosphere.

ISA utilises the International Baccalaureate (IB) teaching framework in combination with the British Curriculum Standards to ensure that the curriculum is of a high quality, international standard. ISA  has developed extensive international relationships to support this inspiring curriculum and learning community.

While English is the main mode of teaching in ISA, we provide a high quality Chinese language curriculum to help students integrate into Chinese society while seamlessly integrating with Western education. At the same time, we provide students from different countries with French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew and other native language courses and encourage students to take multiple languages at the same time to cultivate global citizenry.

In addition, ISA provides students with more than 20 high-quality cocurricular courses to help enrich the lives of students and improve their wellbeing. These include music appreciation, learning a musical instrument, choir, karate, ballet, drama, fencing, golf, swimming, football, tennis, debating, chess, Chinese crafts and culture, table tennis, and many more.