Early Years

At ISA we are passionate about Early Years education. Our aim is to foster a love of learning that will stay with the children throughout their education. We believe that children learn best when they can make their own connections, so we plan the curriculum around their interests and help them to connect their learning to the wider world. We also create learning environments where children feel secure and happy to investigate, explore and wonder.

The school day begins at 8:30am and it end at 17:00pm from Monday to Thursday, and 8:30am to 16:00pm on Fridays. The period between 11:30am-14:00pm is for children in the kindergarten to have lunch and a rest. Our long school day enables us to provide a wide variety of regular classes and co-curriculum activities for students.  The extra two hours at school is used to enhance and develop the learning of Chinese and mother tongue languages to a very high standard.


In the Early Years Programme, our emphasis is on the Personal, Social and Emotional Development of the children, their Physical Development and Communication and Language. 

ISA International School of Guangzhou uses the IB PYP Framework with the English National Curriculum, which allows students to learn and develop their knowledge, concepts, skills and attributes as well as improving students’ academic outcomes. We use UK curriculum standards, content, skills and outcomes for lesson planning. The IB framework acts as a guide in inquiry learning and developing independence. We also focus on developing students’ general capabilities, which consist of Literacy, Numeracy, Social-Intercultural-Ethical Competence and Critical & Creative Thinking.

Outdoor activities are planned to ensure students develop their physical skills and have a happy and healthy approach to inquiry in the world. Students enjoy off site trips to places such as the airport, the zoo or farm, to complement and extend their work in class. Students in Early Years are also offered swimming lessons.

Language Programme 

The ISA Early Years programme provides strong English and Mother Tongue programmes, so that students can speak bilingually and fluently. English is the main teaching language of the ISA Early Years curriculum. Even though all lessons are taught in English (except Chinese and Mother Tongue language), the Associate Teacher sometimes uses Chinese for complex ideas and concepts. Children will also link sounds and letters and will begin to read and write in English. By offering children opportunities to experience a rich English language environment, we believe that students can develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves, and to speak and listen in a range of situations.

In the Early Years, except for 3-4 hours of Chinese lessons for all students (EY1-EY3: 3 hours; EY4: 4 hours) per week, students with a different “Mother Tongue” also have 3-4 hours of language tuition. Mother Tongue languages offered include Arabic, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Students with a Chinese heritage can choose to do an extra 3-4 hours of Chinese or English lessons. 

Physical Development 

Early Years PE is implemented by the use of a carousel method. The carousel method enables pupils to access a variety of activities enhancing their capabilities across a whole range of skills. Pupils are allowed to challenge themselves and explore their own capabilities by moving from one activity to another. The activities within the carousel will primarily be multi-skill activities. Multi-skills enable the teacher to provide a wide range of non-sport specific games and activities which allow the pupils to develop their skills and attributes, which can then be applied to a range of sports.  

Music Development 

Music education greatly enhances students’ understanding and achievement in non-musical subjects. It gives students a way to connect with other people. Children are naturally very social, and it’s important to encourage them to build relationships by providing them experiences to share with each other. We firmly believe that music gives students the opportunity to develop time management skills and self discipline.

At ISA, musical education begins in Early Years with a specialist music teacher and continues every year, allowing students to develop an appreciation and love for music whilst honing their musical skills. Students develop musical skills and literacy through singing, movement and instrumental playing. A Kodály and Orff-centered approach from Early Years through primary and middle school engage children in active music making, with their voices and musical instruments.


In the Early Year classes, the maximum number of students in each class is twenty.  Each class consists of an overseas IB teacher as its classroom teacher, a bilingual associate teacher and a classroom assistant. The Early Years is led by an Early Years Coordinator and the Head of Primary and Early Years.. The whole faculty works together to create a high-quality educational plan and a comfortable learning atmosphere for all students. Our teachers and curriculum design help students to achieve all the above goals. 


Library is very important resource at ISA. There are over 9000 books in our library. The majority of our books are in English, others are in Chinese, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean and Arabic and Japanese. The number of books is scheduled to reach 15000. There are also 2000 books distributed to the classrooms for different purposes. Each class has one library lesson per week and the library is available for the students during lunch breaks or other free time. Students are encouraged to borrow books on a daily basis. Noted authors visit ISA to directly engage with students and also encourage a love for literature.

For More Information:

ISA International School of Guangzhou blends the best of IB+UK Curriculum and Chinese + Mother Tongue Language Programs, creating a model of high quality educational and cultural fusion in China. Visitors are always welcome. We are located inside the Redtory Art and Design complex beside the Pearl River, very near Zhujiang New Town CBD.

Address: Block C2-2 Redtory, Siheng Road No.128, Yuan Village, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 510655

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