House System

House System Launched at ISA!

It’s now official! The 2017/18 ISA House System Competition was launched at two major school assemblies in October.  It is that time of year again when the Dragons, Pandas, and Tigers all start vying for house points.  What about the Cheetahs you ask?  You will find out about our all-new house in the article below!



The House system at ISA instils a sense of camaraderie, encourages healthy competition, develops school spirit and rewards positive actions.


ISA assigns each new student and teacher to a house when they first arrive, and they remain with that house throughout their years in the school. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and loyalty between the youngest Kindergarten students and the older students who are their role models. Moreover, all family members will be designated the same house.


Each House accumulates points throughout the year based on student participation in all aspects of student life—not just in the area of Athletics. The House that accumulates the most points by the end of the year receives the ISA Cup in a school-wide awards assembly. Members of the victorious House each will receive an individual medal to take home. In 2017/18, each house will have a captain and co-captain who will assist the PE staff in matters related to house system organization.


All New House!

This year marked the unveiling of an all-new house. After much rumour and discussion, at our house assemblies, Mr. Sean unveiled the all-new logo for The Leopards!  Leopards are found in parts of China and match the theme of Chinese creatures in our house system.


So our 2017/18 house logos are now complete!


Sorting Things Out

To help sort our new students and teachers into houses, our assemblies featured a special guest from the Harry Potter books.  Yes, believe it or not, the sorting hat was working its magic live on the MPR stage, using its brain-reading skills to identify the best houses for our new teachers and students.  Although the voice booming from the speakers sounded suspiciously like that of Mr. Tom, most students agreed that it was in fact a genuine sorting hat.


Tokens for Points!

This year, points will be awarded using tokens featuring the logo of each house.  Tokens will be awarded by teachers and collected in special boxes.  Each week, the tokens will be counted and weekly house winners announced. The winning houses flag will hang proudly in the foyer of the school for that week.


Sports Days

A major focus of the house system will be a sports day to be held on March 22 2018. An Early Years sports day will also be held in March, with its exact date to be determined.


We wish all of our Tigers, Pandas, Dragons and Leopards the best of luck this year and look forward to some friendly competition within the school.